Submerged Combustion

ECS1000: Large-Scale On-Site Industrial Water Purification

The ECS1000 is currently in development and will be our highest capacity production unit to date. It connects directly to wastewater storage tanks and injects hot exhaust gases from natural gas or propane combustion into the wastewater.

This separates the wastewater into concentrate, which remains in the tank, and water vapor, which leaves through the exhaust pipe.


By utilizing flare gas for the submerged combustion process, the ECS1000 is able to convert what would otherwise be a waste product into a high-efficiency, low-cost wastewater treatment solution.

The ECS1000 will treat up to 40,000 gal/day (150,000 L/day) for input water quality up to 250,000 ppm TDS.


  • High-yield oil and gas wells
  • Large volumes of flow back water
  • Facilities that produce flare gas/nuisance gas

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