Oil & Gas Industry Produced Water Services

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Epiphany saves customers up to 60% over alternate solutions

$1.50 - $8.00
per barrel

$4.00 - $8.00
per barrel

$0.50 - $20.00
per barrel

Water is Essential to Oil and Gas Production

It’s required in traditional oil and gas wells, hydraulic fracture (“frack”) wells, refineries, and power plants.

According to the US Energy Information Administration, hydro-fracturing of a single shale gas well typically requires 3 to 5 million gallons of water. Much of the water returns back to the surface in the form of "flowback" water within the first month after drilling a well. The majority of flowback water is treated and reused for drilling new wells.

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The remaining water is gradually carried back to the surface in the form of high salinity produced over the next several decades as the well produces oil or gas.

Produced Water Management is an Enormous Issue

Because of high concentrations of salt and heavy metals, produced water is either transferred to treatment facilities or to disposal facilities, where it is injected into deep disposal wells.

Both methods require moving the water far away from the original well pad. Over a well’s lifespan, the cost of handling produced water can be up to 30% of the well’s operating expenses

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Epiphany is the Practical Long-Term Solution to Produced Water Treatment

Epiphany’s E5H, E10X, and EES1000 solve the problem by purifying the water on the well pad or at a central site. Epiphany's solution reduces risks, saves money, preserves the fresh water supply, and mitigates environmental impact.

  • Epiphany saves customers up to 60% over alternate solutions
  • The E5H and E10X are housed in ISO shipping containers and can be transported by rail, truck, or sea
  • On or near-site deployment reduces water transport costs by 80%; no more long-distance hauling
  • Each solution can purify water from total dissolved solids (TDS) levels over 250,000 ppm to below 100 ppm
  • Our treatment process produces pure distilled water and salt in crystal or slurry form, allowing for 90%+ recovery and reuse
  • Where previous technologies used many treatment steps, Epiphany removes contaminants in only two steps
  • Automation and remote telemetry allow monitoring and control from anywhere on Earth
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