Previous Project Portfolio

Epiphany Environmental has completed several pilot projects in order to perfect our technologies and market strategies.

CDOT past project

Colorado Department of Transportation

Epiphany built, deployed, and operated seven ECV25 units for the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) to treat road salt water waste generated from truck maintenance facilities located across the state.

Southwestern Energy past project

Highlands Natural Resources

Highlands Natural Resources, a London-listed natural resources company with a portfolio of high-potential oil and gas projects, engaged Epiphany in a pilot program for treatment of flowback water from horizontal oil and gas wells. The project was conducted in an area of the Denver Julesburg Basin that has proven high yield oil and gas wells but very limited water resource options. The field has recently been the focus of new drilling activity for oil and gas giant ConocoPhillips, as well as mid-size operators like Extraction Oil and Gas.

Rice Energy past project

Rice Energy

Epiphany deployed an E5H distillation plant and an ERM3000 evaporator at a southwest Marcellus Shale well pad for a 90-day test. For this project, the client, Rice Energy (which has since been acquired by EQT), required that:

  • Epiphany would reduce and stabilize produced water management costs
  • Concentrations in the treated water would fall below discharge limits
  • Super-concentrated brine would be usable for drilling operations

The E5H and ERM3000 met the objectives of the original test and continued to run well after the 90-day period. The treated water consistently exceeded regulatory requirements for discharge, providing consistent water quality while maintaining autonomous operation and low energy consumption.

Atlas Energy past project

Atlas Energy

Epiphany deployed an E5H distillation plant and an ERM3000 evaporator at a northeast Marcellus Shale well pad. The client, Atlas Energy, sought costs reduction - previous disposal methods required produced water to be transported over 250 miles away - while meeting existing water discharge limits and reducing waste disposal by at least 80%.

Atlas continued to run the E5H and ERM3000 for over a year. The distilled water exceeded all discharge regulations, and that water was evaporated on-site. The amount of water being disposed of decreased by over 80%, and the remaining crystallized salt slurry was disposed of by Waste Management.

EXCO Resources past project

EXCO Resources

Epiphany deployed an E5H distillation plant and an ERM3000 evaporator at a northeast Marcellus Shale well pad. The incoming water quality was approximately 240,000 ppm TDS, which Epiphany was able to consistently separate into super-concentrated brine with >300,000 ppm TDS and distilled water with < 200 ppm TDS.

The E5H treated 360 bbl/month and was able to reduce the water volume for disposal by over 30% and reduced disposal costs by 25%. It successfully ran with autonomous operation and with low energy consumption.

Southwestern Energy past project

Southwestern Energy

Epiphany deployed an E5H distillation plant and an ERM3000 evaporator at a Fayetteville Shale well pad in Arkansas. These two systems were tested beforehand for 17 months to demonstrate operation in all weather and seasons, and the project ultimately concluded in a one-month test.

For the client, Southwestern Energy, “water treatment and disposal” was their second largest cost associated with drilling. They sought to reduce these costs while meeting discharge limits in Arkansas and maintaining a low total cost of ownership. The E5H successfully provided consistently excellent water quality with low energy consumption and an 80% reduction in waste volume.

CONSOL Energy past project


Epiphany built its first MVR distillation system as part of a pilot program at a Pennsylvania well pad for CONSOL Energy. The MVR crystallizer, which would go on to become the E5H, had to:

  • Completely remove solids from the water
  • Allow for easy solids disposal
  • Operate without significant system maintenance
  • Maintain high-efficiency water distillation

The system was constructed in the Summer and ran autonomously from late September through the end of October. This on-site pilot confirmed that Epiphany’s technology was able to meet its stated goals and produce clean water from high-salinity produced water.