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Dairy Industry Leader to Implement Epiphany Environmental’s Industrial Wastewater Treatment Solution 

Darigold, Inc. and Epiphany Environmental have recently executed a purchase contract for the Company’s ECV250, a mechanical vapor recompression machine capable of purifying up to 250 barrels (roughly 10,000 gallons) per day of brine solution. The Equipment has been designated for installation at the Darigold cheese plant in Sunnyside WA. Darigold-Sunnyside generates approximately four million gallons of brine water from their cheese making operation.

The current disposal process involves trucking the wastewater 200 miles to Rainier OR for treatment. It is estimated that the ECV250 at the Sunnyside plant would reduce the facility’s wastewater remediation costs by 40%. Darigold’s investment in the ECV250 is expected to generate an approximate two-year payback.  

Following expected performance with the first Epiphany installation, it is expected that Darigold will acquire additional Epiphany units for their other cheese manufacturing operations. In addition to the eleven current manufacturing plants Darigold is preparing to break ground on their 12th plant this spring.

Darigold, Inc., headquartered in Seattle, WA. (2019 revenue $2.3 billion) is a farmer owned co-operative association operating eleven plants in four states. Darigold is a full line manufacturer of dairy-based products produced for retail, food service, commodity, export, and specialty markets. Their product lines include milk, butter, sour cream, cheese, yogurt, and other dairy products. Darigold products are staples found in most every grocery store in the northwestern United States. Their cheese products are distributed nationally.

Darigold was identified as a prospective customer through Innovation Energy Group (IEG) President, Joseph Taylor. IEG is currently in talks with 6 additional cheese manufacturers to conduct an economic analysis for their operations utilizing the Epiphany Equipment at their facilities. The formal execution of the Darigold contract represents an important validation of Epiphany’s potential in vertical markets outside of oil and gas.